Le bruit des arbres


Cinema Aylmer (screens 4)March-1812h30
Cinema 9 (screens 3)March-2416h30

Language: VF
Director: François Péloquin
Cast: Antoine L'Écuyer, Roy Dupuis,
Distribution: K-Films Amérique
79 min. Qc
Genre: Drama

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17 year-old Jérémie (Antoine L'Écuyer) dreams of a better life, away from the family sawmill and his native village in Gaspésie, Québec. Instead of the forestry work, Jérémie prefers hip hop music, pimping his car and slacking off with his friends. The situation despairs his father Régis (Roy Dupuis), who blames this disinterest on a local drug dealer. When the elder brother leaves town, the lives of Jérémie and Régis drastically change.

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