Le tout nouveau testament


Cinema 9 (screens 4)March-2119h
Cinema Aylmer (screens 3)March-2221h

Language: VF
Director: Jaco van Dormael
Cast: Benoît Poelvoorde, Yolande Moreau, Catherine Deneuve, Pili Groyne
Distribution: Axia Films
115 min. Fr., Bel., Lux
Genre: Comedy- Fantasy

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Golden Globes 2016

Magrittes 2016 - Meilleur film et meilleur réalisateur

God lives in human form as a cynical writer with his young opinionated daughter in present-day Brussels, Belgium. She concludes that her dad is doing a terrible job and decides to rewrite the world, which leaves God angry, powerless and adamant to get his power back.

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