Chasse-Galerie: la légende


Cinema 9 (screens 3)March-1721h
Cinema Aylmer (screens 4)March-2016h30

Language: VF
Director: Jean-Philippe Duval
Cast: Caroline Dhavernas, Francis Ducharme, François Papineau
Distribution: Les Films Seville
109 min. Quebec
Genre: Drama Romance

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Lavaltrie, 19th century. Joe, a foreman, is now a successfull farmer. In love with Lisa, he proposed and they are getting married in spring.  But nothing comes easy, and suddenly, dark forces seem to tear them appart: a mysterious fire? A dubious notary in love with Lisa? And this new guy just moving in town... Winter coming, Joe has no other choice than going back to his foreman job away from his fiancee. While the dark forces keep on destoying everything he built the past year. He will have no choice but to fight back.

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