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Cinema 9 (screens 4)March-1819h

Language: VF STA
Director: Sarah Bentefrit et M'hammed Kilito
Cast: Marie-Constance Descout, Kim Lavack Paquin, Ryan Clarke, Jihane El Atifi
10 min. Qc
Genre: Independant

English speakers friendly

During a dinner between friends, Yas talks openly about her dating experience, but she is severely judged by her friend Elsa. The exchanges heat up quickly, as the subject touches all the characters and confronts them with their deep feeling of loneliness. First, the dialogues give rise to a trivial and meaningless discussion, then to a settling of accounts before leading to a philosophical lesson on the history of behaviours in the domain of love and romance. The other becomes a mirror, reflecting the doubts, the anxieties and the self-questioning of each of the characters.

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