Souvenirs (Les)


Cinema 9 (screens 4)March-2019h
Cinema Aylmer (screens 4)March-2119h

Language: VOF
Director: Jean-Paul Rouve
Cast: Michel Blanc, Annie Cordy, Chantal Lauby
Distribution: Axia Films Inc.
96 min. France
Genre: Comedy, Drama

Romain, 23, has his whole life ahead of him. He works nights in a hotel, and plots a career as a novelist. His grandmother, Madelaine, 83, has her best years behind her but she's defiantly full of life. When her sons put her in a retirement home, Madelaine can't help feeling out of place. One day Madelaine goes missing. She's escaped! Roman sets off to look for her..

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Warning: Tickets for the opening screening - March, 20th, 2015 - are subject to availability.

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