Cinema 9 (screens 3)March-1815h
Cinema Aylmer (screens 4)March-2019h

Director: Mathieu Roy
Cast: Marcel Sabourin, Émile Proulx-Cloutier, Roy Dupuis
Distribution: TVA Films
100 min. Quebec
Genre: Drama

2 awards at Montreal World Film Festival 2013 - Best actor, Marcel Sabourin and Audience award for Canadian feature film

At 86, Henri Bernard has begun to suffer from dementia and keeps wandering away from his country house to find another more "comfortable" one. His two sons, Gabriel, a star reporter who travels around the world covering wars and political hotspots, and Eric, a pilot-in-training who can't get enough flying time because of filial duties, disagree about what to do with their increasingly erratic and forgetful father. Gabriel considers placing the old man in a nursing home but is turned off by what he sees when he and his father visit one. Eric scolds his brother for not "being there". He fends off his girlfriend's complaints and is resentful that his efforts seem unappreciated. But through the pain of their predicament, the two brothers realize that they must overcome their differences so that they are together when they accompany their father to the enigmatic place that he keeps seeking, the place he calls "the other home". "What really inspired me was the spirit that my father has preserved in his decline... It touched all of us in the family, and I wanted to pay homage to that. So there are autobiographical elements, but the film does not tell the life of my father, nor mine, nor that of my brother. These are characters who have found their own personalities and their own stories." -- Mathieu Roy 

In 2001, after political science studies and a short career in journalism, Mathieu Bernard trained in cinema at the New York Film Academy and at INIS, in Montreal. He directed four short films and and got to work with François Girard, who in 2005 became the subject of his feature documentary, FRAN?ÇOIS GIRARD'S THREE-ACT JOURNEY. He directed three other feature documentaries: Mort à Venise: un voyage musical avec Louis Lortie (2009), SURVIVING PROGRESS (2011) and ECCLESTONE'S FORMULA (2012), L'AUTRE MAISON is his first fiction feature.


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