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Cinema Aylmer (screens 4)March-1415h
Cinema 9March-1521h
Cinema 9 (screens 4)March-1817h

Director: Vincent Lannoo
Cast: Astrid Whettnall, Philippe Nahon, Achille Ridolfi
Distribution: Axia Films
80 min. France, Belgium
Genre: Drama

Silver Meliès at Neuchâtel 2013

Elisabeth de la Baie seems to have it all. Married with two beautiful boys, she’s devoutly Catholic, living in harmony with her beliefs and spreading the word by hosting a call-in show on Christian radio. But when the violent death of her husband at a spiritual “boot camp” is followed by her thirteen-year-old son’s revelation of abuse at the hands of Father Achille, her former co-host, all certainties crumble. What if God wasn’t on side with the faithful after all?

Winner of the Silver Méliès for best European film at Neuchâtel, Au nom du fils is a bitingly black satire that takes on organized religion with striking vehemence and savage humour. Belgian filmmaker and master provocateur Vincent Lannoo (Strass, Ordinary Man, Little Glory) delivers his own subversive gospel, ruthlessly lambasting the hypocrisy, intolerance, fundamentalism and blindness that can stem from certain creeds. A scathing indictment carried superbly by Astrid Whettnal, astonishing in her mix of simplicity and brutality, gentleness and angry determination. Co-written with Quebec director Philippe Falardeau.


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