Crime d'Ovide Plouffe (Le)


Language: V.O.F
Director: Denys Arcand
Cast: Gabriel Arcand, Anne Létourneau
Distribution: Alliance Vivafilm Inc.
107 min. Québec
Genre: Drame

Devenu représentant de commerce, Ovide Plouffe a épousé Rita Toulouse. Le couple est en instance de rupture. Lorsque Rita meurt dans un accident d’avion, Ovide est rapidement soupçonné et les procédures judiciaires et pénales sèment le scandale dans toute la famille Plouffe.

Ovide Plouffe has married Rita. She still tries to attract other men even after their marriage. Unhappy Ovide feels for Marie - a young French woman he had met. But his catholic background and surrounding can't let him love another woman or divorce from his wife. So Ovide finishes with Marie and plans a trip with Rita hoping for reconciliation. At the last instant he announces to Rita that he can't make the trip. She goes alone. The plane explodes, and Ovide is suspected and arrested for this horrible crime.

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